Why we started...
The increasing number of cracks in the centralized finance (CeFi) ecosystem, including heightened counterparty risk, regulatory requirements, and single points of failure, has made it imperative for traders to have access to a safe and trustless trading avenue.
Centralized Exchangers Drawbacks
As the Web 3.0 ecosystem continues to expand, on-chain activity and total transaction volumes have been increasing steadily. However, in order to accelerate this transition, trading activity needs to shift on-chain, due to its permissionless nature.

Trading activity should be and will be shifted on-chain due to its permissionless nature.

KTX.Finance recognizes a significant market opportunity in the relatively nascent decentralized derivatives market. As both a spot and perpetual decentralized exchange, KTX.Finance aims to provide traders with a centralized exchange (CEX)-like trading experience, while benefiting from the permissionless nature of decentralized finance (DeFi).