KTC, standing for KTX.Finance Community Tokens, serves as the governance and utility token for the protocol.

KTC stakers are eligible for:

  1. 30% of protocol trading fees paid out in BNB and ETH on BNB Chain and Mantle respectively.

  2. esKTC Rewards

Token Distribution

Circulating token distribution tracker coming soon...

Purchasing KTC

KTC are trading on the following markets:

Contract Addresses

Arbitrum: 0x487f6baB6DEC7815dcd7Dfa2C44a8a17bd3dEd27

Mantle Network: 0x779f4E5fB773E17Bc8E809F4ef1aBb140861159a

BNB Chain: 0x545356d4d69d8cD1213Ee7e339867574738751CA

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