Providing Liquidity

KLP is the liquidity token of the protocol. By purchasing KLP, which means minting KLP in the liquidity pool, you become a liquidity provider. While selling KLP results in burning, or reducing, the total supply of KLP tokens. The amount of KLP you want to buy or sell can be entered on the Buy/Sell $KLP page, and the transaction will be executed based on the current market price and liquidity available.

Rewards for Liquidity Providers:

  • Trading Fee Distribution: LPs are rewarded with 70% of the protocol's trading fees, distributed in $BNB and $ETH.

  • esKTC: It seems LPs might also receive rewards in another form of token or asset, referred to as esKTC, though the details of this are not specified.

More info can be seen on the Providing Liquidity.

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