Spot Swaps

Apart from borrowing KLP assets for margin trading, traders can also use the liquidity to exchange one asset for another within the $KLP pool.

One distinguishing feature of KTX.Finance is the ability for traders to conduct spot swaps without experiencing slippage, setting it apart from other Automated Market Makers (AMMs).

Unlike conventional AMMs, the weightages of assets in the KLP do not influence or determine the assets' prices.

You can find out more about KLP asset pricing here

By swapping on KTX.Finance, users pay a Swap Fee (0.20% - 0.80%). The fee paid depends on how asset balances change after the swap.

For example:

KLP Asset BalanceActionEffect on Asset in $KLP PoolSwap Fee

Overweight ETH Underweight USDT

Swap USDT for ETH

ETH Balance Increases


Overweight ETH Underweight USDT

Swap ETH for USDT

USDT Balance Increases


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