Vesting Tutorials

esKTC is vested every second linearly over a period of one year to actual KTC tokens. To vest esKTC into KTC tokens, the paired tokens (KTC/KLP) that were used to earn the esKTC rewards need to be staked with the esKTC.

First, you need to unstake the esKTC you earned from staking, at the esKTC Vesting page.

Then, choose KTC Vesting Vault/KLP Vesting Vault to vest your $esKTC, press "Deposit"

Enter the amount you want to vest, it also shows you the the amount of $KTC or $KLP tokens you need to keep staking at "Reserve Amount"

After you finish the input, click "Deposit" to open the wallet. After confirming the action in your wallet, your $esKTC will be vested.

More info can be found on the esKTC page.

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