KLP Minting & Burning Fees

Becoming a Liquidity Provider...

Depositors pay a fee when depositing / withdrawing from the KLP pool. KLP Minting & Burning Fees range from 0.0% to 0.85%.

Depositors engaging in the minting of KLP tokens on KTX.Finance are subject to a dynamic fee structure, influenced by the supply and demand dynamics within the KLP pool.

KLP PoolActionEffect on Asset in $KLP PoolMint/Burn Fee

Overweight $ETH

Mint KLP with ETH

ETH increases


Underweight $ETH

Mint KLP with ETH

ETH increases


The inverse relationship is true for the burning of KLP.

You can view live composite of the KLP Pool here

The dynamic fee structure is strategically designed to incentivize users to maintain a balanced pool. Lower fees for actions that enhance asset balance encourage users to contribute positively to the pool's equilibrium.

New depositors can deposit into KLP here.

Users can save on fees by depositing into KLP with underweighted assets.

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