Referral & Affliate Programmes

You can now generate a unique omni-chain referral code across ALL chains

A much simpler and way more attractive referral mechanism is derived and all users will start on the same referral tier and enjoy these benefits:

“Referrers earn 10% of the referred users’ fees and referred users receive a 5% trading discount.”

How to generate your own unique Referral Code

1) Generate your unique referral code

2) Share your referral code with your trader friends

3) Invited user activates your referral link

4) Reward distribution between inviters and invitees

You can easily access your “Reward History” of your “Referral Rebates” and “Trader Rebates” here

Anti-Sybil Mechanisms

To mitigate the risks of inorganic referrals and promote genuine user growth, we have implemented some anti-sybil mechanisms. To generate your unique referral link, you need to achieve either one of these criteria:

  1. Cumulative Trading Volume of at least $10,000 OR

  2. Staked at least 100 KTC tokens

We also have an ongoing “$KTC Staking Fee Rebatesprogram.

We will also launch an invite-only “Affiliate Program” with a substantial cut to fees referred to top performers of “Referral Mania” soon.

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