Liquidity Pool Minting & Burning Fees

Minting and Burning of $KLP can be executed on the Buy/Sell $KLP. The amount of $KLP you want to buy or sell can be entered to execute.
When minting/burning $KLP tokens there will be a fee incurred by LPs.
This dynamic fee is calibrated according to the supply and demand of the particular asset within the $KLP pool.
The fees to mint/burn $KLP will vary based on whether the action improves the balance of assets or reduces it.
📝 Example:
In the scenario where the $KLP pool has a large percentage of $ETH and a small percentage of $BUSD, actions which further increase the amount of $ETH in the pool will incur higher fees while actions which that reduces the amount of $ETH in the pool will incur lower fees.
Effect on Asset in $KLP Pool
Mint/Burn Fee
$KLP pool is overweight $ETH
Mint $KLP with $ETH
$ETH increases
$KLP pool is overweight $ETH
Mint $KLP with $ETH
$ETH decreases
The fees for minting and burning $KLP is calculated based on (total worth of assets in index including profits and losses of open positions) / (KLP supply).
Fees for buying $KLP for the different underlying assets are shown on the bottom of Buy/Sell $KLP page.