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New Feature: Complex Orders

KTX.Finance is proud to announce the launch of Complex Orders on Mantle, a powerful new feature that revolutionizes trading efficiency. With just one-click, traders can now open an order and conveniently set their Take-Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) levels. This feature simplifies the trading process by executing trades with a single transaction signature.
Complex Orders not only accelerate trading but also enhance decision-making capabilities. Start exploring KTX.Finance today to experience a seamless trading experience like never before. Here's a step-by-step guide to using Complex Orders:
1) Click on the calculator icon to toggle to complex orders.
2) Toggle between market and limit orders here.
3) Set your TP/SL directly, and the percentage gains/losses will be automatically reflected.
This convenient 1-click order feature allows traders to quickly input numbers and calculate percentages based on the market or limit price.
4) Scroll down to review potential gains and losses, assess risk-to-reward ratios, and consider fees before creating complex orders.
5) Sign and approve the transaction through your wallet, and you're ready to start trading!
With Complex Orders, KTX.Finance empowers traders to make informed decisions faster, ensuring a smooth and efficient trading experience!