Trading as a social activity
As a DeFi protocol, KTX.Finance's initial focus is to establish itself as the foremost derivatives exchange on the BNB Chain. The team's subsequent objective is to collaborate with existing DeFi protocols, in order to create a comprehensive ecosystem of DeFi products.
Moreover, the team recognizes that trading is a social activity, and is committed to enhancing the user experience by incorporating advanced order types and other integrations.
KTX.Finance Product Roadmap
Our decision to launch on the BNB Chain was based on the platform's superior capabilities in delivering an unparalleled user experience, which is paramount to our vision. We have since also expanded to Mantle, and will implement cross-chain compatibility in the near future to cater to the needs of all traders.
Currently KTX.Finance is live on both BNB Chain and Mantle Network and will be launching in other chains moving forward.